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Wexford Cycle – Training Plan

Training Schedule 2016

This is a training programme aimed at people who have not completed the Cycle before but who are taking some form of regular exercise.

Firstly, some tips on equipment as follows:

  • Get hold of a decent bike that fits you properly, the lighter the better and preferably a racer. Make sure it is properly serviced.
  • Make sure you carry on your bike everything you need to change a puncture. Changing a tube is much quicker than fixing a puncture. Make sure you know how to remove and replace wheels, particularly the back wheel.
  • Get a good pump that will fix securely to your bike.
  • Buy decent bike shorts. They are the most important piece of equipment. Make sure they washed after each outing!!
  • Get a comfy helmet.
  • Buy a mileage clock. They are cheap and relieve the boredom.
  • Always carry money, mobile phone and food & drink.
  • For FOOD – everyone has their own taste but suggestions include bananas, granola bars  or ‘power’ bars – whatever gives you a boost.
  • For DRINK – you should carry at least one bottle of sports drink on the bike. Some people may find the sports drink too strong. Try half water and half sports drink in your water bottle. For longer cycles, it is advisable to have a second drinks bottle. A second bottle carrier can usually be fitted on the bike.
  • Find a training partner. Cycling with others is easier.

15 Week Training Plan

The training plan is based on a 15-week schedule divided into 4 sections – you can ‘join in’ at any time.

Download the Wexford Cycle Training Plan 2016.


If you are sick or on holiday and miss a few weeks, go back to where you were. The Training Plan is aimed to get you to Wexford in great condition. If you haven’t completed it all, don’t worry, it just means you might go to bed a bit earlier! The important thing is to enjoy the training and by preparing properly you will enjoy the Wexford Cycle on Saturday 17th September.