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Wexford Cycle FAQs 2018

Frequently Asked Questions – 2018

How long is the Wexford Cycle?

135 km or 85 miles from UCD to Whites of Wexford Hotel.

How long does it take?

Between 5 hours for the best cyclists and 9 hours for the casual cyclists.

The majority of cyclists take between 6 and 7 ½ hours.  Casual cyclists take longer as they tend to stop at our food/drink stops along the route and for a longer time at our official lunch stop.

What time does it start?

07.30am  SHARP.

Do I need to register?


How do I register for the Cycle?

You can register online for the Wexford Cycle at www.pmvtrust.ie/wexford-cycle


You can email “fundraising@pmvtrust.ie” for Booking Forms.

If you require hotel accommodation and/or if you would like to join us for the annual barbeque you can book this on the registration form.

Is the Wexford Cycle a race?

No, absolutely not.  It is a fundraising Charity Cycle, at your own pace.

How much Sponsorship money do I need to raise?

We request ALL cyclists to raise a total of €325 in sponsorship. This includes your registration of €75.  Over the last five years, the average raised per cyclist is €650.  The €75 registration is non refundable.

Are there any sponsorship discounts for students, under 21s etc?

Yes, there are.  The committee asks that students, under 23s & unemployed raise a total of €200, a 50% reduction on the request of other cyclists.

Can I get Sponsorship Forms?

Yes.  When you register we will send out our Sponsorship Forms and our A4 Cycle Posters to you. This will help you raise awareness of the Cycle and your fundraising efforts.

Can I raise Sponsorship money online?

Yes, definitely. You can create your own fundraising page on www.mycharity.ie and send the link to all your contacts. They can donate online whereby you can record who has donated and what amount. This is a  very easy way of collecting sponsorship money and people tend to give higher amounts online. Over 100 cyclists every year use this method of fundraising.

What about sponsorship cheques?

All cheques should be made payable to Welcome Home.

Are there any age restrictions?

You must be over 16 years old and anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied throughout the Cycle by an adult.

What route does the Wexford Cycle take?

There are Route Maps on our website.

Do I need to train?

Yes, training and preparing for the Cycle is advised. There is a list of routes in the Dublin area on our website for training purposes.  You should train twice a week and build up your distances during the summer. It is better to cycle with others from an enjoyment and safety perspective.

Cycling some of the route as part of your training is recommended.

What about equipment?

The better your bike, the easier the cycling.  Make sure it is properly serviced.

Cycle shorts are a must (for obvious reasons) and a helmet is essential.

Wearing a helmet on the day of the Wexford Cycle is compulsory.

How do I get my bag to Wexford?

At registration on the morning of the Cycle we will take your bag and bring it to Wexford on one of our trucks. It can be collected at the Finish area.

How do I get back to Dublin?

Welcome Home provides return coaches to Dublin on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. All return coaches leave from Whites of Wexford. These are provided free of charge.

How do I get my bike back to Dublin?

We take it back for you.  After you finish the Cycle we take your bike, load it onto one of our trucks and return it to Dublin for collection on Sunday between 11.30am and 1pm.

Collection point is at the Cranford Centre across the Stillorgan Road from the main entrance to UCD.

What about punctures/repairs along the route?

Welcome Home will have two fully equipped vans as repair units along with motor bike units as repair personnel travelling the route throughout the day. It is advised that you have your own puncture repair kit with you.

What about food & drink throughout the day?

Welcome Home will provide refreshments (drinks, bananas, bars) along the route at 10 designated stops. There is also an official Lunch stop at Glanbia in Inch, just before Gorey, after 84kms or 52 miles. Drinks, sandwiches, soup, tea & coffee are provided at lunch.

Sandwiches, tea/coffee and drinks are provided at the Finish area.

Where is the Start area in Belfield?

The Start area is at The Pavilion at The Belfield Bowl on the Clonskeagh side of the campus. It will be clearly signposted and stewarded on the morning of the Cycle. You can enter Belfield via the main entrance on the Stillorgan Road or via the Clonskeagh entrance at AIB on the Clonskeagh Road.

Where is the Finish Area?

The Finish is located outside Whites of Wexford Hotel on Abbey Street in Wexford Town.

What about showering, changing etc after the Cycle?

Welcome Home has its post-Cycle barbecue in Whites of Wexford Hotel.  The hotel very kindly allows all cyclists to use the hotel facilities (pool, changing rooms) during the afternoon.

We ask you to respect other hotel guests and hotel property when using hotel facilities.

What happens after the Cycle?

Every year there is a post-Cycle event with up to 250 people attending. This year, there will be a fantastic barbecue at the Whites of Wexford Hotel, with a pre-drinks reception and live music afterwards.

You can book dinner through the Welcome Home website. 

Welcome Home does not profit from Dinner charges.

What time do coaches leave on Saturday night and Sunday morning?

There will be one set of coaches leaving on Saturday evening after the BBQ and one at 10am on Sunday morning. Times will be confirmed and advised nearer the Cycle date, depending on demand.

Coaches on Sunday go to Cranford Centre near Belfield for bike collection.