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Wexford Cycle – Fundraising Ideas

11 Fun Ways to Raise Funds for the Wexford Cycle

The Wexford Cycle is all about raising funds for Peter McVerry Trust in its work with young people in homelessness. Here are some quirky ideas that you might like to try over the summer.

Remember to begin fundraising early.  Don’t leave it to the last minute!

1. Hold a summer barbeque Summer is a fun time to get together and you may hold a drinks party or a barbeque.  One of our cyclists asks his friends to make a small donation to Welcome Home each year when they come to the party. Talking about raising the steaks!!!

2. Have a cake sale One of our best fundraising teams raises a substantial amount of money every year by having a local cake sale.  Friends come from all over, children love it and the quality of the baking is outstanding.  Jammy!

3.  Make it a dress up or a dress down day Dress casual day is a relaxed way to raise funds in the office.   Or you could make it a fancy dress day.  Dressing down or up creates a sense of fun and highlights a good cause.

No runners please…

4. Hold a raffle An old fashioned idea and it works.  Get a local restaurant to sponsor a voucher for dinner for two.  The restaurant gets profile and you raise funds.   Something to chew on.

5. Stage a concert We are surrounded by talent – singers, musicians, actors and writers.  Find a venue to showcase your local talent and invite an audience. Maybe you’ll discover ‘The Voice’.

6. Hold a painting competition One of our fundraisers ran a painting competition in the office – and it can be done in your locality too.  Schedule a lunchtime painting event.  Ask colleagues to paint a picture.  Appoint an independent judge to choose a winner.

You’ll never see your colleagues in the same light again…

7. Car Wash in the ‘hood. Organise some car wash days in your neighbourhood. And what better way to occupy your kids during the summer!   Only wash when the cars are safely parked though, not at the traffic lights…

This one should get the green light!

8. Coffee/Book Swap morning A great way to catch up with people and to raise funds at the same time.  A two-in-one way to raise funds.  Invite friends and family to provide books for swapping while you provide the coffee and cakes.  Another way to make good dough…

9. Auction An auction or a yard sale.  Gather surplus, quality items and auction them off or hold a sale in a garden.

Going, going, GONE.

10. Bag Packing Organise a bag packing day or weekend in your local supermarket over the summer or at a date in September, closer to the Wexford Cycle.  That’s a few bob in the bag!

11. Everyday Hero Create your own charity fundraising page on https://www.everydayhero.com/ie/

You can put your own creative stamp on the page and send the link to family, friends and colleagues.  This is a fundraising winner for many of our cyclists every year.

And very useful if people forget to bring cash to the barbeque!