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Residential Community Detox Service

Peter McVerry Trust’s Residential Community Detox Service operates from a six acre site in North County Dublin. The service has met the required standards to be awarded full clinical governance from the HSE and PMVT is currently participating in the QUADS process to enhance quality standards in alcohol and drug services.

The service offers an alternative to hospital based detox programmes such as the two currently available in Beaumont (St Michael’s Ward) and Cherry Orchard Hospital (Cuan Dara).  It is based on an established Portuguese model that incorporates a medically supervised detox with physical activity, psycho-educational group work and one-to-one counselling.  Apart from having a proven track record for successfully supporting detoxification in a community setting, it also provides a very significant increased value for money over hospital based detox.

The need for detox services has been clearly identified by the National Drug Strategy (NDS) and an action stated to expand the availability of same.  The NDS steering group noted that the lack of detox facilities is “a key issue” and refers to the Report of the HSE Working Group on Residential Treatment & Rehabilitation (Substance Abuse) which “identified the additional residential services, including detox facilities, that need to be developed to ensure that an adequate minimum residential infrastructure is in place.”  (see NDS 4.30, page 46).

Also see below Action 34 recommended by the NDS Steering Group ( or see NDS page 100).


The service provides a six week residential Methadone Detox programme and a four week Cannabis Cessation programme for up to seven participants.  All referred candidates are initially assessed and advised of the admission criteria.  Those who meet the criteria for admission, undergo a comprehensive pre-admission assessment by Peter McVerry Trust’s Referral and Assessment Co-ordinator who also liaises directly with their community GP in order to ensure appropriate admission to detox.  Admitted candidates have access to one-to-one key working, psycho-educational group work, one-to-one counselling with a qualified psychotherapist, daily on-site nursing staff and visiting Level 2 GP as well as supervised engagement in a horticulture programme with a qualified horticulturist.  Relaxation and yoga groups are also available.

Read more about the Peter McVerry Trust Residential Community Detox Service in our information leaflet below.

Download the Residential Community Detox Service information leaflet here.