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Personal Stories

Below are the personal stories of some of the individuals that have, or are currently receiving, support from Peter McVerry Trust.


Dwayne’s Story


Vera’s Story 

Jimmy’s Story

Sylvia’s Story

Christopher’s Story

Erica’s Story


Noel’s story


Noel has been living in supported temporary accommodation with Peter McVerry Trust since December 2016.

“I lost my job a few months before being evicted. The landlord became bankrupt and the bank took the house. That’s when it started.

“We always had a house. We had a good life, with the kids and the job. I was a warehouse manager. I have qualifications and I’ve been talking to my key worker about doing a safe pass course.

“I’m out there every day, going to viewings. A few of my friends have been housed and I’m absolutely delighted for them. I’d give my right hand to get somewhere.

“The staff do an awful lot to help you get viewings. This is a good place.

“A two-bedroom apartment in Dublin is the dream at the moment. I want to get on with my life and the Peter McVerry Trust has given me hope.”


‘Moving On’

A short film featuring Emma and Patrick and their story moving out of homelessness and into their own apartment. This video was produced with the support of Saint-Gobain Ireland who funded the works to renovate the block of apartments into which Emma and Patrick moved.

Hogan Court Project

A short video showing the work that took place as part of a project that delivered 12 social housing units for Peter McVerry Trust. The project was a partnership between Dublin City Council, Peter McVerry Trust and the Construction Industry Federation’s members.

Fr Peter McVerry & Paddy

In October 2015 Fr Peter McVerry received a special award from EY in recognition of his lifetime’s work with Ireland’s homeless. This short video captures some of Peter and Peter McVerry Trust and interviews one of our tenants, Paddy Fay.

Fr Peter McVerry Special Award VT from EY Entrepreneur Of The Year on Vimeo.


What does ‘home’ mean to you?

We asked people in our services seeking a home and those who we have helped find a home to tell us what home means to them. the video also features interviews with members of the public.