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Housing Services

A voluntary housing provider since 1985, Peter McVerry Trust has a strong history of supporting participants out of homelessness and into housing.  Peter McVerry Trust is now one of Ireland’s fastest growing social housing providers and currently provides housing in Dublin, Kildare, Limerick, Laois and Offaly. 

Peter McVerry Trust is committed to a Housing led response to homelessness and is committed to roll out a Housing First model in Ireland.

Right to a Home

The recognition and support for the right to a home underpins Peter McVerry Trust’s housing vision. Peter McVerry Trust continues to advocate for the right to a home as a central principle in housing policy and service delivery in Ireland.

You can read more on the right to a home here.

Social Housing Provision

Peter McVerry Trust is a strong advocate for investment in, and development of, social housing stock in Ireland.

As an approved housing body, Peter McVerry Trust is a key provider of social housing for people exiting homelessness and others on the social housing waiting list. We specialise in meeting the needs of individuals in need of social housing.

Peter McVerry Trust is a member of the Irish Council for Social Housing and works together with other organisations to advocate for greater State investment in social housing.

Take a look at some of our recent social housing projects below.


Housing First

Peter McVerry Trust was an early adopter of the Housing First Model in Ireland and was a key partner in the delivery of the Dublin Housing First Demonstration Project.

Housing First, which originated in North America, is a model of homeless service provision which centres on the provision of housing and intensive wraparound supports once housed as the first step in tackling homelessness.

At present Peter McVerry Trust together with Focus Ireland operate the Housing First service in Dublin. This service is operated on behalf of the Dublin Region Homeless Executive and the 4 Dublin Local Authorities. It is comprised of two teams; Street Intake and Intensive Case Management.

Housing With Supports

Peter McVerry Trust has a highly skilled team of housing officers who offer support for participants to progress to independent living in a range of accommodation types across a number of local authority areas.

Accommodation in the Housing with Support Service, principally in the form of apartments, has been secured by way of direct acquisition and through the Capital Assistance and Capital Loans and Subsidies schemes.  Depending on identified need, participants are supported in this service either by way of intensive housing supports, visiting housing supports or through the SLI (Support to Live Independently) Scheme that Peter McVerry Trust delivers under the auspices of its consortium-based initiative with Focus Ireland, “Support to Home”. Pathways are enhanced by well-established relationships with other service providers, where appropriate.

The Housing with Support Service also incorporates shared drug-free accommodation which aims to provide a safe, stable and healthy environment to support participants in preparing for a drug-free life. The service bridges the gaps for individuals undergoing the difficult transition to treatment and from treatment towards a sustainable drug free lifestyle.

The qualifications and work experience of the Housing Officers enable them to assist and support the clients in developing life skills, building confidence and working towards independent living and social integration.

As with other Peter McVerry Trust services, the Housing with Support Service has access to an on-call service that operates around the clock for 365 days of the year.

SLI (Support to Live Independently)

Peter McVerry Trust and Focus Ireland jointly deliver a SLI scheme. The scheme is a visiting support service to those with moderate needs securing their first independent accommodation after leaving homeless services. The aims of the scheme are to support homeless people to move from homelessness to living independently and to assist with re-integration into the local community. This scheme is part of the Dublin Regional Homeless Executive’s Pathway to Home model which it has been implementing since 2009.