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Homeless Services

This page sets out details of Peter McVerry Trust’s residential homeless services. Peter McVerry Trust currently provides homeless accommodation in Dublin and Kildare.

In Dublin, Peter McVerry Trust’s homeless services are located in 3 of the 4 local authority areas, namely, Fingal County Council, South Dublin County Council and Dublin City Council areas. However, these services accommodate people from all 4 of the Dublin LA areas.

In Kildare, Peter McVerry Trust operates a 21 bed STA in Newbridge and a family service in Athy which became operational in May 2017.

Peter McVerry Trust Supported Temporary Accommodation Services

Peter McVerry Trust currently provides Supported Temporary Accommodation (STA) services in the Dublin City, Fingal, Kildare and South Dublin council areas.  Places are prioritised for those over 18 years of age who are homeless and have complex low-threshold needs.

An STA service is modelled on a 6 month placement. Unfortunately, due to the housing and homeless emergency people are spending longer than 6 months in homelessness.

Supported Temporary Accommodation Services in Dublin City

  • PMVT DCC STA – Ellis Quay
  • PMVT DCC STA – Conyngham Road
  • PMVT DCC STA – North City
  • PMVT DCC STA – St Catherine’s Foyer
  • PMVT DCC STA – Charlemont Street
  • PMVT DCC STA – Canal House
  • PMVT DCC STA – Grantham Mews
  • PMVT DCC STA – Hazel House (Family hub)
  • PMVT DCC STA – Whitworth Rd
  • PMVT DCC STA – South Inner City 
  • PMVT DCC STA – South City (Temp)

Supported Temporary Accommodation Services in Fingal

  • PMVT FCC STA – Finglas
  • PMVT FCC STA – Santry
  • PMVT FCC STA – Swords (Family hub)

Supported Temporary Accommodation Services in South Dublin

  • PMVT SDCC STA – Tallaght

Supported Temporary Accommodation Services in Kildare

  • PMVT KCC STA – Newbridge
  • PMVT KCC STA – Athy (Family hub)


Peter McVerry Trust Temporary Emergency Accommodation Services

Peter McVerry Trust currently provides Emergency Accommodation in the Fingal County Council area and South Dublin County Council area.  

  • PMVT FCC TEA – Fingal
  • PMVT SDCC TEA – Tallaght


Peter McVerry Trust One Night Only Accommodation Services

Peter McVerry Trust currently operates 64 One Night Only beds in the Dublin City Council area. 

  • PMVT DCC ONO -Richmond St
  • PMVT DCC ONO – Aungier St