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Drug Treatment Services

Residential Community Detox Service

This service caters for individuals who are going through detoxification from methadone and those wishing to cease their use of cannabis, cocaine or alcohol. A pre-admission referral and case management system is in operation, and post-placement progression is supported by way of a key working system and established pathways to recognised day and residential treatment providers. This service operates with full clinical governance from the HSE.

Read more about the service here.

Stabilisation and Recovery Services (Day Service)

These services provide a safe and stable environment for young people over 18 years of age who wish to stabilise problematic drug use. Participants engage in psycho-educational and process groups to enhance drug and health awareness against a backdrop of ongoing peer and one-to-one support. This service is located in Dublin City Centre (Northside)

Find out more about the service here.

Residential Drug-Free Aftercare Accommodation Service

Peter McVerry Trust’s Drug Free Aftercare Accommodation Service meets a critical need by providing accommodation pathways for persons exiting drug treatment services. Peter McVerry Trust currently offers Drug Free Aftercare Accommodation services at four locations in Dublin. This accommodation is ring-fenced for persons who have completed medical detox treatment programmes. The accommodation offers residents a stable and healthy environment supporting participants in preparing for a drug-free life.