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Facts and Figures

Statistics on homelessness are important in helping to analyse and understand the issue. However, it is important to note that these numbers cannot convey the personal trauma that homelessness can bring. We would encourage you to take the time to view our videos on our You Tube Channel where people we have helped talk about their experiences. 

This page provides statistical information on homelessness in Ireland as well as information Peter McVerry Trust’s services.

Number of People Experiencing Homelessness

1,600 have been removed from the homeless figures since February 2018. A report is pending on this process and once it is publicised the legitimacy of such a re-categorisation will be better understood.

The below figures are based on official Department of Housing, Planning, and Local Government figures. This information is found at www.housing.gov.ie

Homelessness Overview

Is homelessness increasing or decreasing in Ireland? Unfortunately, homelessness is increasing year on year. Between December 2014 and May 2018  there was a net increase of 6,988 people recorded as homeless. This upward trend has existed for a number of years and the number of people becoming homeless on a daily average has increased.

How many people exited homelessness in 2017? In a statement reacting to the publication of the January 2018 homeless figures, Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy said over 4,000 adults had exited homelessness in Ireland in 2017.   This means that if 7,148 people were accessing emergency accommodation in December 2016 and 8,587 people were recorded as homeless in December 2017, the net increase in cases of homelessness in Ireland during 2017 would be 1,439. This net increase together with exits means at least an additional 5,439 new cases of homelessness were recorded in 2017. This figure can also be broken down into 15 people per day. 

Estimated number of rough sleepers in Dublin – spring 2018 : 110 people were recorded as sleeping rough in Dublin on the night of the official rough sleeper count. 

You can read and watch the personal stories of people who Peter McVerry Trust has supported here.

Overview of Peter McVerry Trust – 2017



Types of Homelessness



On World Homeless Day 2014, Peter McVerry Trust launched an educational resource website for second level students and teachers in Ireland, HomelessnessinIreland.ie.

HomelessnessinIreland.ie can provide your students with information that will give them a greater understanding of the issue in an Irish context. The website features details on the causes of homelessness, personal stories from people effected by it and what students can do to take action against the situation.


Order Infographics and Other Materials

You can order a printed copy of the infographcis above together with other facts and figures about homelessness from us. Please email info@pmvtrust.ie or call 01 823 0776 for further details.