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Corporate Christmas Appeal

Peter McVerry Trust is committed to a housing-led approach to ending homelessness. This Christmas, you can help Peter McVerry Trust take one hundred steps towards this goal.

As a record number of people continue to be impacted by homelessness, Peter McVerry Trust is calling on our corporate supporters to help us refurbish, renovate or repair 100 homes, to ensure that by next Christmas, these people and families can step out of homelessness into a home of their own.

What your support means

Corporate support packages

Supporting people into a new home means they can begin their journey back to education, start a CV, start an apprenticeship or training. It means supporting people to take steps toward their future.

Payroll Giving

Give a gift beyond Christmas, and set up payroll giving
Contact Peter McVerry Trust at corporatefundraising@pmvtrust.ie to find out more about payroll giving for your company.


 Contact corporatefundraising@pmvtrust.ie


Christopher’s Story

“When I found out I was getting this apartment it was like I was after getting a call from the National Lottery telling me that I’d won €10 million. My whole life changed. I can prioritise different things now because I have my own home. It’s a blessing to be able to just make dinner and sit down and have a conversation with a cup of tea.”

With your support this Christmas, we can move more people, like Christopher, out of homelessness, and support them to independent living.