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Corporate Christmas Appeal 2013

Corporate Christmas Appeal 2013

A huge thank you to everyone who supported our Corporate Christmas Campaign. The ad below appeared in the Irish independent on December 16th. We also like to thank  Dermot O’Malley & Co and those that have donated since the ad was finalised.

Corporate Christmas Campaign -jpeg

Corporate Christmas Campaign


Help us to raise €150,000 this Christmas to provide essential services to the homeless.

Peter McVerry Trust is appealing to companies to support our work to assist those that urgently need housing and support this Christmas.

Please consider making a donation to our appeal or donating your company’s Christmas card or gift budget to us.

This Christmas we are asking the business community to collectively raise €150,000 to help us move people out of homelessness.

The number of homeless in Ireland continues to increase. We urgently need your help to move homeless people into housing and to provide the ongoing support they require to maintain their tenancies, in line with the housing first approach.

If you believe, like us, that no-one should be homeless at any time of year, please give what you can. Your donation will help transform lives.

By making a donation to Peter McVerry Trust this Christmas, perhaps instead of sending Christmas cards or gifts, you will be giving a powerful message of hope to homeless people. Your support will open doors to somewhere safe to live and furthermore will enable homeless people to build a more secure future.

Opening Doors for Homeless People

In recognition of your generosity we will.

  • Provide a Christmas e-card for your mailing list
  • Advertise your support in the Irish Independent
  • Promote your support on our website www.pmvtrust.ie

What will your donation do

€1,000 will kit out an apartment for someone moving into their own home

€500 will install a gas meter and cover heating bills during the winter

€250 will provide 20 hours of one to one support for a homeless person with our housing team