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Empty Homes Statistics

This page sets out some of the latest and most reliable statistics currently available on Empty Homes in Ireland.

Peter McVerry Trust and Empty Homes Data

Peter McVerry Trust has consistently said that there is an urgent need to better collect and track information related to empty homes, derelict sites and underused spaces. This has been a consistent message throughout our cmapaign on empty homes.

Below is an excerpt from our presentation to the Housing and Homelessness Committee in May 2016.

“One of the biggest challenges the State faces in tackling vacancy rates is that there is no real-time data to ascertain how many empty units there are, the conditions of the units, who owns the unit and the reason why so many buildings remain vacant.

The lack of accurate and detailed information clearly prohibits the development of fully evidence based policy responses.

Peter McVerry Trust recommends the fast track development of a holistic built environment monitoring and evaluation system that allows local authorities to track, analyse and better manage the built environment in their areas. This would begin with the collation of data on empty properties and derelict sites of all types and sizes.

Local Authorities should be directed to move towards a more holistic, integrated and interventionist model of community and building management. A model that delivers better social and economic outcomes and stronger and more vibrant communities.”

Census 2016

In the absence of robust data on empty homes the best data available to us and to policy makers is that collected during Census 2016. 

For the first time in Census 2016, the type of dwelling was captured for vacant dwellings. The results show that of the 183,312 other vacant dwellings, 79,966 were detached houses, 60,154 were semi-detached or terraced dwellings while the remaining 43,192 were apartments.

The data bank from Census 2016 relating to empty homes is available here.

Ratio of Empty Homes to Homeless Adults (January 2017)


The map below produced by the CSO shows that the number of Empty Homes decreased from Census 2011 to Census 2016.