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Empty Homes Projects

PimStreet, Dublin 8

(Public Stock – Peter McVerry Trust and Private Funds)

The first major renovation project delivered by Peter McVerry Trust. The project involved former local authority voids that required extensive renovations and upgrade works. Peter McVerry Trust combined its own resources together with funding from Saint-Gobain Ireland to complete the works on the 6 apartments that were then allocated to young people exiting homeless services.

Clare Lane, Dublin 2

(Public Stock – Peter McVerry Trust and Public Funds)

Clare Lane is a block of 8 apartments located in Dublin 2. The building was vacant and in the possession of the Office of Public Works (OPW).The OPW, Peter McVerry Trust, the Housing Agency and Dublin City Council worked in partnership to renovate the building. The project was completed and launched in November, 2015, with all tenants coming from homeless services and supported by Peter McVerry Trust’s Housing with Supports Service.

Camden Street, Dublin 2

(Private Stock – Peter McVerry Trust Funds)

In 2015, Peter McVerry Trust, like other service providers was under significant and ongoing pressure to ensure adequate shelter provision was available in Dublin. The increasingly active commercial property market made accessing suitable buildings in the city extremely difficult. However,in partnership with an individual landlord, Peter McVerry Trust identified a building on Camden Street,the upper floors were derelict and in an extremely poor state of repair. The building was renovated delivering new emergency accommodation and the lower floor remains a commercial premises.

Hogan Court, Dublin 2

(Public Stock – Peter McVerry Trust and Private Finances)

Peter McVerry Trust joined forces with members and supporters of the Construction Industry Federation to renovate 12 derelict Dublin City Council voids. The properties were in need of complete refurbishment and upgrading to make them habitable, along with some external works to the site. The project was completed in 12 weeks and launched in time for Christmas, 2015.

St Agatha’s Court, Dublin 1

(Public Stock – Peter McVerry Trust and Public Finances)

Peter McVerry Trust’s latest housing project is situated in North William Street, Dublin 1. The capital phase of the project was funded by the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government through the Capital Assistance Scheme, it was designed by Fitzgerald, Kavanagh and Partners architects, and completed by Francis Haughey Construction. These 11 units were officially opened by Minister of State for Housing and Urban Regeneration Damien English TD in June 2017.

See some before and after photos of the project below.