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Buy and Renewal

Peter McVerry Trust is interested in buying empty residential properties in need of repair. These properties should be long term empty units i.e. empty for around 1 year or more.

The charity is particularly interested in empty properties in Dublin, Kildare, Limerick,  and is also potentially interested in empty homes in counties Laois, Louth, Offaly or Meath.

Under the Rebuilding Ireland action plan a new scheme called the Buy and Renewal Initiative, or simply Buy and Renew, has been launched. This initiative provides a nationwide pool of funding of up to €25 million in 2017 to buy and renew empty residential buildings. If the scheme is successful up to €50 million will be available in 2018.

Contact Us:

If you are seeking to sell an empty residential building or buildings in the areas listed above that requires work to make it compliant with the latest rental accommodation standards please contact us on 01 823 0776 or email emptyhomes@pmvtrust.ie