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Empty Homes Conference


Since World Homeless Day 2014 (Oct 10th), Peter McVerry Trust has been campaigning for State led action on vacant homes, derelict sites and underused spaces. Peter McVerry Trust strongly believes that addressing these issues can play a significant role in improving housing availability, housing affordability and homelessness. 

In July 2016, the CSO published preliminary figures from Census 2016 which revealed over 198,000 vacant housing units (excluding holiday homes) across Ireland. This figure, while representing a decrease on the 2011 Census, shocked many given the housing and homelessness crisis that Ireland is currently experiencing.

Today, in Ireland there are record numbers of people in homelessness. The cost of renting and buying homes is driven upwards by many factors not least the chronic shortage of available housing.

At Peter McVerry Trust, we have created a significant amount of housing units from vacant building projects to meet the needs of those in homelessness. Our goal is to see the potential that we have identified realised on a much larger scale so as to significantly boost the availability of housing to meet the differing category of housing needs.

The Government’s Empty Homes Strategy is set to be published in late March 2017. Peter McVerry Trust felt it would be prudent to put together a conference to further the debate and identify both barriers and solutions in how we best use empty homes, derelict sites and underused spaces.

As such the Empty Homes Conference will hear from a number of agencies and stakeholders both Irish and International as we seek the most sustainable use of our built environment.

Conference Agenda

You can download the Conference Agenda below.


Conference Registration

To register for the conference please visit the Empty Homes Conference’s Eventbrite page here.

Further Information:

You can visit www.reusingdublin.ie for more of Peter McVerry Trust’s work on vacant buildings, empty homes and derelict sites. You can also follow us on Twitter @pmvtrust and @reusingdublin.