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Our History

Fr Peter McVerry has been working with young people experiencing homelessness for more than 30 years. In 1974, Fr McVerry moved to Summerhill in Dublin’s north inner-city where he witnessed firsthand the problems of homelessness and deprivation.

In 1979, he opened a small hostel to provide accommodation for homeless boys between the ages of 12-16. Four years later in 1983, he officially founded The Arrupe Society, a charity to provide housing and support for young people experiencing homelessness as a response to the growing numbers of individuals becoming homeless in Dublin. 

Peter McVerry Trust

In 2005, a new Board of Directors and CEO were appointed to help develop the organisation’s services in response to the growing needs of young people in homelessness. It was at this time that the name of the charity changed from the Arrupe Society to Peter McVerry Trust. Following the creation of the new governance structures, the organisation’s first strategic plan was adopted and implemented leading to a reconfiguration of services.

Peter McVerry Trust’s Strategic Plan 2016-2020

In 2016, Peter McVerry Trust launched its third strategic plan which will govern the direction and development of the organisation until 2020. During the life of this plan, the charity will aim to significantly increase its housing stock in order to provide housing pathways for people who are homeless.

Our Founder

Learn more about Fr Peter McVerry and how he has dedicated his life to helping young people experiencing homelessness.